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Our Mission

Uncomplicate indoor gardening.

Meet Jackie. She was a self-proclaimed plant killer.

A modern city dweller with a hunger for a healthier, more lush life but no time to keep up, Jackie turned to Modern Sprout. She found the Growbar, hydroponic grow kits and a tinge of hope. Now a fellow green thumb, she calls her grow light a “worry-less, wonder-full, sun-shining bar of magic.”

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“Green thumb, black thumb, doesn’t matter thanks to Modern Sprout!”

Julie, Brooklyn


The root of great recipes.

Contrary to what you may think, it isn’t impossible to garden in your kitchen. We’ve curated a collection of our favorite kitchen products for you to garnish, chop and eat green every night. Yes, they are beautifully designed to fit in your home, and no you won’t kill them (thanks to our thoughtful hydroponic systems).

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You have a green home resolution. We have sustainable solutions.

Our Story

Rooted in Chicago — Grown Worldwide