Our Story

MODERN SPROUT was created by the two of us, who live and work in a tiny apartment. As avid cooks, eaters, and project planners, we decided the next logical step was to grow our own garden. Unfortunately, we have no space, since our small Chicago apartment doesn’t have a yard.

We bought planter boxes, filled them with botanicals and stuffed them on our balcony windows and any other places they’d soak in sunlight. Despite our enthusiastic efforts, we soon found ourselves surrounded by dry, lifeless shrubs. Our busy schedules didn’t leave us with much time or energy for checking pH levels in soil or singing to our plants. No matter how green our thumbs were, we couldn’t grow anything with our hands full.

Desperation was starting to set in for a fool-proof way to cultivate healthy herbs, vegetables, and flowers, yet maintain our self-esteem. We wanted a victory garden, not planters full of defeat. After researching non-traditional options, we found hydroponics. A method of cultivation that’s clean, self-maintaining, and yields fantastic results, hydroponics immediately seemed perfect for busy people like us. But every kit we tried was expensive, difficult to set up, and more homely than homey.

We were unimpressed with our options, so we planted the seeds for Modern Sprout. Now we provide planters that are simple, stylish and fertile with success. Just add water.

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